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This 3:48 news report is about the new exhibit for the Woman’s Club of El Paso as it opened on May 7th to a large crowd at the El Paso Museum of History downtown. The Woman’s Club of El Paso is now honored as the 7th Circle of Giants in El Paso history. This is the first time the Museum has used a full gallery for this exhibit. There are many pictures and a timeline wall, plus a 13-minute video that explains the Club’s origin, mission, and history.
The exhibit is free and open Museum hours through April, 2017. Call 915-212-0320 for visitor information.

Recent VIDEO   Trost MAx ff

The Texas Trost Society held a sold-out fundraiser walking tour of Henry Trost buildings in downtown El Paso, Texas on March 26, 2016. For the evening, Dr. Max Grossman, architectural historian, became Henry C. Trost, famous El Paso architect, and personally led the discussion and tour, primarily of Bassett Tower. It is a 1930 masterpiece of Trost’s work, and guests climbed 8 floors to see some of the building’s interior prior to renovation. The group of 75 people continued on to walk past several more of Trost’s 27 remaining original buildings that help make up one of the world’s most important collection of historic architecture, which is in El Paso, Texas.     runs  6:48             

click here    TROST Tour of Basett Tower and Bar Crawl March 26, 2016

Where is the lost Padre Mine?  The legend is that the entrance to the Lost Padre Mine on Mount Franklin in El Paso, Texas can be seen from the Guadalupe Mission’s bell tower, or front steps,in Juarez at a certain time of day, on a certain day of the year.  You’re gonna need a telescope or binoculars.

Paso del Norte from Juarez bell tower    LEGENDS_DVD_02_Title_01_00006
Here are two similar views of El Paso and the Franklin Mountains from the Mission in Juarez.  The TOP one looks like in the late 1800s, since there don’t seem to be any quarries on Mount Franklin.   The BOTTOM view was shot in 1999 and is on “Legends of El Paso’s Mountains.” Notice that Sugarloaf Mountain near old Beaumont Hospital is in view on the right.

Here is the 9 minute film THE FIRST CAMINO REAL IN AMERICA from August, 2015
Produced by Jackson Polk